WHY OLIGOSCAN?
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All physiological processes such as energy production, immunity, hormone regulation, detoxification and nutrient absorption depend on minerals, trace elements, vitamins, esential amino acids and fatty acids.

The risk for morbidity increases with deficiencies of these nutrients, what might be caused by inadequate supply, decreased absorption or increased usage and excessive toxic metal load.

One may argue that an adequate supply of nutrients contributes  to or is required for optimal health. For a long time it was very labor-intensive and costly to determine deficiencies of nutrients or chronic loads with toxic metals. Now it is possible to perform measurements quickly and quantitatively with the aid of the OligoScan at the tissue level.

Because of the already known interactions between minerals, trace elements, and toxic metals, it is possible to obtain an understanding of possible distortions of different physiological functions.
This analysis is actual with respect to a hair mineral analysis which reflects the status of the last 3 to 6 months.
Concentrations of essential elements and toxic metals are determined on a tissue level which can be a valuable asset to start a treatment plan immediately.
Follow-up can be done as soon as 6 weeks after starting an intervention.
The actual measurement is done very fast. After entering the required data: name, gender, d.o.b., height, weight and blood type, the actual results are available within 30 seconds.
It is possible to enter a code, if you wish to keep the patients' names anonymously.
The interrelationships of essential elements and toxic metals offer an indication for physiological disturbances such as immunity, enzyme function, gut assimilation and many more.
"Full of beans means enough trace elements."
Minerals and trace elements are interrelated in several ways.

Copper and zinc are antagonistic, but they act together in the cytosolic SOD enzyme to neutralize the Superoxide anion radical.

Toxic metals interfere with nrmal enzyme function because they displace the essential trace elements.